Stephen Kirkland serves businesses and non-profit organizations across the United States, drawing on extensive training and years of experience. He helps closely-held businesses and tax-exempt organizations meet the challenges of determining reasonable and fair market value pay levels for executives and other key employees.

"A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with.
A man is what he makes of himself."

~ Alexander Graham Bell

With for-profit companies, reasonable compensation issues come up often in U.S. Tax Court, shareholder disputes, business valuations, and divorce proceedings. Tax exempt organizations need to pay reasonable compensation amounts to avoid excise taxes under Internal Revenue Code section 4958. In addition, hospitals and other healthcare providers need to ensure that amounts they pay are fair market value and commercially reasonable.

Effective February 28, 2014, Stephen Kirkland purchased the interests of Atlantic's other three founding members and became the sole member of Atlantic Executive Consulting, LLC.

Specialized Services

Stephen D. Kirkland, CPA, CMC, CFC, CFF
Mobile (803) 477-5973
Office (803) 724-1414

Compensation Planning

Providing expert analysis for companies and non-profits to determine reasonable and fair market value pay levels for executives and other key employees.

Opinion Letters

Providing comparability data and opinion letters for hospital executives, physicians, non-profit managers/directors, business owners, and other executives.

Expert Testimony

Providing expert witness testimony in U.S. Tax Court and other court cases.

Economic Damages

Analyzing economic damages, lost wages and lost profits claims, and providing expert testimony.

Evaluating Tax Malpractice Claims

Analyzing complex malpractice claims involving federal income tax and other financial issues

Information Technology Services

J. Alexander Hay, MS, MCSE
Mobile (803) 212-8092

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